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Chapter 1 - Meet the quackers
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     Just over the hill down by the pond lives a sweet little family of ducks. Around these parts they are known as the quackers family. Mister quackers, the daddy duck of the family, and Mama quackers, the mother duck, have two small ducklings called Feathers and Drake.

     "Come on now Feathers and Drake, eat your grubs," Mama quackers says to her little brown ducklings.

     "Do what your Mama says," Mister quackers says in a low raspy quack.

     "Why can't we have bread like the other ducks have," Drake asks.

     "Because a fine growing duck can't live on bread alone. Now eat up," Mama quackers says as she pets the head feathers of Drake.

     Drake mumbles, "quaaack, quaaack," and finishes his grubs.

     "Now that you have finished your breakfast, you two can go out and float around the pond for a while," Mama quackers says as she points her rather large out-stretched wing toward the pond. "Be careful and don't go past the wooden walkway bridge. And keep your webs clean." Mama quackers always insists on keeping one's webbed feet clean and tidy, as a duck's future can depend on it.

     Feathers and Drake waddle out and ease into the pond. "Kind of cold, brrrr," Feathers says.

     Drake wishes out loud, "maybe some of those nice people will come along and throw us some bread."

     Another neighbor duck couple comes into sight and swoops down, preparing to land. Webbed feet out, wings open, heads stretched and...swoooosssshhhhhhh, they both skid to a floating stop in the pond about 25 feet from Feathers and Drake.

     "Hi ya guys," Drake quacks out.

     Feathers notices, "hey, that's Hen and Ducky...Hi Ducky, hi Hen," she wails.

     "Hello Drake. How are you Feathers?" Ducky asks.

     "Oh, we are doing OK. I am kind of bored floating around in circles at this end of the pond," Feathers sighs.

     "Why don't you go to the other end of the pond?" Hen asks.

     Drake blurts out, "because our Mama quackers said not to go past the wooden walkway bridge. I think she is afraid that something bad might happen to us."

     "Well, go down to the wooden walkway bridge and look ahead and see if anything bad is down there," Ducky offers.

     Drake and Feathers think about it and decide. "OK, let's go," they both say at the same time.

     "You guys want to come with us?" Feathers asks Hen and Ducky.

     "No, we have to go back home and help with the chores," Hen says. Then both Hen and Ducky begin flapping their wings and moving toward a water takeoff. They lift out of the water, and fly away, their heads stretched out and wings flapping.

     "Bye bye," Feathers loudly quacks out.

     "OK, come on Feathers, let's go to the wooden walkway bridge," Drake says, and they paddle away together.

     A few minutes later, they reach the wooden walkway bridge, and stop under it.

     "Looks OK to me," Drake says turning his head from side to side looking for predators or other bad things.

     Feathers looks at Drake. "I don't think we ought to go any farther. We don't know what's out there."

     "Take a look," says Drake. "Do you see anything bad?"

     "Well, no", Feathers replies. "But I don't think we should..."

     Drake interrupts, "Ah, come on, let's just go a few feet past the bridge and see. Maybe we can get a better view. And we might just find something really fun...maybe even some bread."

     Having said that, Drake paddles forward, out the other side of the wooden walkway bridge.

     "Drake!" Feathers yells, "come back. Mama quackers told us not to go there."

     Reluctant, Feathers begins paddling toward Drake. After all, Feathers couldn't let Drake go alone. "What if something happened?" she thought to herself.

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